Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Snowman without snow...

Well it doesn't mean we have no snow we can't make a snowman. Yes, we can! So we did. It was a small snowman from the wood and it was interesting to connect all of its part together first: brum, "body", star and hat. Me and the assistant, Olivia, helped the smallest kids to do it. It looked so cute even without painting! Then Eco Kids painted the snowmen. They came out so cool! I made some photos during the work. 
The other project were flowers from the plastic bottles. We used the material we never used before to decorate it, felt. Of course it was also eco, because felt was from the box with the wood I got from the mountains. Kids can tell you more about it, I am sure. 
I liked the flowers a lot!
It was a bit cold outside, but we still played and then I took Eco kids for hot chocolate and something small, but sweet. It was warm and cozy.
I am happy to welcome some new Eco Kids in this session!

Can't wait till the next Saturday!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My little pony

We just have started a special session, when we will make many arts & crafts for winter and Christmas, but this Saturday we made beautiful ponies from the wood. It was a lot of work: painting each side of the pony, putting the pieces together and decorating the ponies. Kids liked this project and made it very carefully. Parents were amazed with the ponies! Some did not really believed their kids made them, but they did!
I was happy to have a new assistant this Saturday. Her name is Olivia and she is from High School. Especially all little and older Eco Girls liked her a lot. She was helping with the project and playing with the kids. I think she will stay with us longerJ
For the next week I prepared two interesting projects. One we will make from the bottle and the second from wood… I can’t wait to start doing it!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Another trip of Eco Kids!

Today was another trip of Eco Kids. Many kids left for the fall break, but for those who stayed it was a great occasion to see what is happening with the trash.
We went today to Remondis, the big world company, which works for 30 million people in 29 countries, also in Poland since 1992. In Poland Remondis has offices in 41 cities of Poland. Every year Remondis collects, recycle and sells 25 millions of ton of trash in different countries. 
"We saw how the trash was recycled in many different ways: cutting into little pieces, burning, selling to other companies to make for example polar clothes out of it. They also showed us how to make gas for your car out of the trash. And also how trash is segregated by the machines and people." - said about the trip of Eco Kids.
"We could smell the trash and realize that this ugly smell is the part of civilization process" - said another Eco Kid.
"Segregation trash at home is the way of recycling, otherwise the company can not do anything with dirty, mixed trash: bottles, cans, plastic containers and other things together." - said the next kids.      
It was great to educate kids in this subject. It is important to experience it more than to just say it. Now we will think twice before we will throw something out. 
Today Eco Kids saw the world like from the movie "Wallie". Hope in some years our planet will not look like this... You can see the pictures.